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We now offer some awesome packages which will see your social media, website, and marketing materials take off!

 Do you want to free up more time to do what you do best? If you only spend half an hour per day doing photos or video for social media, that is 45 hours per quarter, or four weeks in a year you are saving by using me for this service!

It is hard to create content that is consistent, and of a standard that is high enough to really stand out on a page, but that is where we come in. 

Packages for photography, video and a combination of both are available, as well as some very cool monthly subscriptions, which are limited in numbers to allow full attention to be given to clients.

Headshots, behind the scenes images, products, details, and fun stuff. All the ingredients you need to show the world why you are the one they need to do business with.


Please note these are very limited in numbers and the maximum number of clients are set in stone due to time commitments and my desire to give you my full attention.