I am a passionate photographer, and have shot just about every genre there is. I am very experienced with everything from weddings, portraits, fashion, commercial, landscapes and much more. My work has won awards in all of those categories and more, something of which I am very proud. Being a multi disciplined photographer is good for me as it keeps my work varied and interesting. It also means I have a broad range of skills to pass on to others. I am very passionalte also about helping other people. Be it photography or any other aspect of life, I like to think I am always willing to give advice freely.

Which, brings me to mentoring. I have mentored a number of people in the past and have been asked many times to offer this as a service, so here we are! I am still building on this, so may add some other options as we go forward, but for now I have a few options available to people who wish to become better photographers, whether they are just starting out as a hobby, or established businesses looking to take things up a notch.



Basic 6 month "Improve Your Photography" scheme.

This is for people starting off in photography, who want to become more creative and skilled. In this you will begin with a one to one session, where we will discuss your requirements, look at what you are doing, and do some demonstration shooting. After that you will be set projects every month, and will have advice and tips along the way, as well as an image critique at the end of each assignment. The aim is to have a portfolio in place by the end of the six month period, which will get it's own gallery on my website to display your hard work.

Price - £50 per month.


Intensive 6 Month "Becoming A Photographer" scheme.

This programme is designed to take you to the next level with your photography. There are two levels. Going from beginner to advanced, and for more experienced photographers, moving up to the next level and making money from your skills. Both schemes have a similar programme, but the content is totally different depending on which one you choose. You will start off with a one to one day, where we will go into what you are doing, look at your current skills, and identify where you can improve. We will shoot together on the day and you will leave full of ideas and inspiration. You will then be set a series of exercises to do each month, and will have feedback and critique, as well as advice on all aspects of your work for each. After the six months we will have another full one to one day, which will focus on what you have done over the previous months, and we will shoot again. You will also have your portfolio displayed on my website for all to see. Two full days training. Six monthly exercise assignments with critique and support. Online gallery.

Price - Beginners £130 per month. Advanced £200 per month


One Year Mentoring Scheme.

This programme is similar to the 6 month scheme above, but we will have three one to one days. At the beginning, around the 6 month mark, and another at the end of the year. You will have ongoing exercises and critiques every month, as well as unlimited support and advice via email. You also will have your portfolio shown on our website on your own gallery page. Three full days training. Twelve monthly exercise assignments with critique and support. Unlimited email support.  Online gallery.

Price - Beginners £100 per month. Advanced £175 per month


For more details please drop me an email or get in touch via the contact form on the page. I look forward to working with you and watching you develop.