Caithness My Home

So, I decided after twenty years of photography, that I am now decent enough to try to publish a book. However I want to use new, unseen images, to add more interest, and let's be honest my older work is utter shit in my opinion. I have won UK and Scottish Photographer of the Year many times for different genres, and have travelled the world through photography, however Caithness is, and always will be, my home. This is why I chose the name for this project.

So what is different? Well, first up, I'm more ready to show my moods and feelingss through my work. It is no secret that I have had difficult times. I make no secret of my difficulties, the darkness and being very depressed at times. But this isn't about wanting pity or anything. I use my photography to get me out of that zone. I don't like it there.

However, I do believe I can capture not only my mood in my images, but also the genuiine mood of living in Caithness, often referred to as "The Land Beyond The Highlands". Caithness is a beautiful and remote place, but as much as it is beautiful, it has an atmosphere. It can be bleak, dark and lonely. It is when it feels that way that I see it at it's most powerful. Dark skies, ruins, stormy seas, dramatic coastlines.

So, here we are. I am in the process of putting this together, and now need some help from you guys. I am producing a beautiful book, showcasing Caithness in all it's glory, through my eyes. Fine art images, colour, black and white. Caithness the way I see it.

So, I started a Kickstarter campaign. I need help to get this off the ground, and to get this book into print. I will be working my way through a comprehensive list of places which I plan to feature, and will be producing hardback books with a planned 80 pages, but may end up with more.

I am looking for people to come on board, support the project, pre-order books, prints and much more. So to find out more go to my Kickstarter page here: